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Federal Trademark Services By The Jordan Firm


Trademark Protection

Through the Masterworks process, the Jordan Firm will guide entrepreneurs, business owners and creatives through the trademark registration process so that leaders can get on with the task of running their purpose-driven businesses. The Jordan Firm understands the critical steps that entrepreneurs must take to register a trademark and protect their brand. Book a consultation with The Jordan Firm to explore how Masterworks can assist with protecting your intellectual property. All pricing is fixed fee so you don't have to worry about how much the process will cost or increasing fees. Our pricing is very competitive and affordable.




$1,025 - Package Includes:

A 15-minute Discovery Call 

A Comprehensive Trademark Search 

An Opinion Letter Discussing Likelihood of Success

A 15-minute Consultation Call 

Filing of USPTO Trademark Application for one class (includes filing fee of $350 per class) 

Response to Non Substantive Office Action 

Framed Trademark Certificate

Any applicable mailing/shipping fees 

*The above-referenced package includes the retention of The Jordan Firm for an estimated 12-15 months during the course of your trademark application processing by USPTO for the services above for each trademark application. 

Once the application is submitted, we should hear an initial answer from the USPTO after four (4) months. If your application is successfully accepted, you should have a fully registered trademark in 9 to 12 months, at which point you can start using the ® symbol next to your brand.




Coming Soon

Reasons Why An Attorney Is Recommended: ​

  1. An attorney will conduct a thorough clearance search of your proposed mark prior to filing an application to ensure that you are aware of any possible issues prior to filing your trademark application.

  2. The services of a trademark lawyer will increase the likelihood of success with a USPTO approval.

  3. An attorney can present arguments on your behalf before the USPTO.

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